Pärt in the Marketplace


This is my first published essay about the historical themes of Pärt’s marketable identity and their relationship to current politics and his reception. I explore the language of Pärt’s music in the marketplace, which has broadened from assertions of religiosity and autonomy in conventional recorded formats, to more public and creative ownership in film media as an aesthetic agent of something unattainable, forgotten or dispossessed. Research shows that this process has been characterized as a move from carefully controlled market share to a broad and more inclusive engagement that is no longer governed by proprietary claims.


“Arvo Pärt in the Marketplace”
Arvo Pärt and Contemporary Spirituality
Boston University, Boston; March 2010

“Tabula Rasa or Sleeves of Desire?: Arvo Pärt, ECM and the Western Marketplace”
Contemporary Music and Spirituality
Southbank Centre, London, UK; February 2008


Dolp, Laura. “Arvo Pärt in the Marketplace.” Edited by Andrew Shenton. In The Cambridge Companion to Arvo Pärt. New York, NY: Cambridge University Press, 2012


Arvo Pärt in the Marketplace


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