Book of Hours

Breathing new life into the form of the devotional text, Book of Hours is a powerful meditation on the conditions of place, gaze, and being. This pocket-sized collection of original drawings and poems in English animates visual and

Arvo Pärt’s White Light

This book investigates how Arvo Pärt’s music has formed pathways of meaning through its listeners, musicians and the institutions that have performed, promoted and published it. Its essays deepen the conversation about the nature of this impact, its forms, and

Letters from Cairo

Letters from Cairo is a vivid memoir of an American experience in Nasser’s Egypt, seen through the eyes of two visiting academics who navigate the epiphanies, adventures, and paradoxes of a country at a critical turning point. On the eve
Letters from Cairo book

Considering music as a site of human transformation, these texts & public talks explore music and spirituality, the interrelation of music and social spaces, modes of mapping and musical practices, and the poetics of the natural world.