Art-Making in America and the Music of Arvo Pärt


What gives art its authority? If the role of music is to say something true – whose truth does it champion? Isn’t it worth re-considering how art can incite violence, or indict difference? Can music protect? In what ways can it sustain? What are the shapes of its borders? How do we listen to its lessons? To what degree does music-making suggest that we forget the past? In what ways does it bind us to it? In other words, what does music demand of us? One of the more astonishing chapters of Pärt’s story is how his music has attracted creative energy in America. Many artists, using a wide variety of media, have been inspired by this music and have integrated it into their own projects. I highlighted a handful of examples in this lecture video, including rare footage from dance, a pair of examples of its use in filmmaking and one from an installation art work.


Sacher Distinguished Lecture in Music
John J. Cali School of Music
Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ; January 2017


Learning How to Mourn - Dove image

Learning How to Mourn

ABOUT THIS PRESENTATION In this symposium, I joined Kythe Heller and Andrew Shenton in a conversation about the ways that Pärt’s music proposes a self-reflective

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