A Book of Hours



A Book of Hours is a pocket-sized volume of original drawings and poems that explores the mythology of place. Modelled loosely on the richly-illustrated devotional texts of early modern Europe, its images draw widely on sources from Italian, German, Swedish and Arabic literature, as well as music, photographs, architectural blueprints, and geological maps from Europe, Australia and the Americas. In a sequence of five chapters entitled Calendar, Hours of the Buddha, Psalms, Office of the Dead, and Praise, the book re-imagines its medieval Christian model as a cosmopolitan instrument of modern ritual. Both mathematical theorem and dream, its poems provide a metaphoric set of instructions for the human work of tracing and orientation. Likewise, its series of visual miniatures proposes new lines of sight, where objects of the material world stand in for one another and aspire to overcome their state. Colored by grief, nostalgia and ecstasy, A Book of Hours asks: How did we get here? Where are the borders of day and night, gravity and weightlessness, inside and outside? What have we gained and what are we in danger of losing?



Dolp, Laura, A Book of Hours excerpt (“Letter to Descartes” and images 1-4) New York, NY: Stenen Press, 2019.