Dr. Laura Dolp is Associate Professor in Musicology and Coordinator of Music History & General Education Studies at the John J. Cali School of Music at Montclair State University. Dolp’s interdisciplinary research embraces a variety of topics, from the music of Arvo Pärt to the relationship of music to modern dance, in the choreography of Mark Morris. Currently, she is working on a book-length study of the historical relationship between cartography and the musical score. Dolp is a frequent speaker in the North America and Europe. She is contributing author to Arvo Pärt Studies (Cambridge University Press, 2012). Her articles are featured in 19th-Century Music, the Journal of Musicological Research, Naturlaut and Muzyka and she has been awarded a President’s Fellowship at Columbia University and a DAAD scholarship at Humboldt–Universität in Berlin. Before joining the faculty at Montclair State University she was a visiting faculty member at Wellesley College. She received her Ph.D. in Historical Musicology from Columbia University.


Ph.D., Historical Musicology
Columbia University Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, May 2005
Dissertation: Mahler’s Landscapes: Constructions of Space in Music and the Visual Arts in Fin-de-Siècle Vienna
Advisor: Dr. Walter Frisch

M.A., Music History and Literature

Boston University Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
Thesis: The Silent Garden: Inventive Procedure and Ancient Principle in the Berlin Mass of Arvo Pärt
Advisor: Dr. John Daverio

B.M., Cello Performance
Portland State University

B.A., Sound and Visual Relations

Mills College

Institute for European Studies, Vienna, Austria